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      Our company has specialized in wood products for 15 years,and lies in Pizhou City,JiangSu of P.R.CHINA. We are a manufacturer and exporterOf Film faced plywood,plywood,Bloclboard,Anti-Slip plywood,T&G plywood,Fancy Furniture Plywood,MDF,OSB,Particle Boards,HDF Door SkinMelamine MDF,fancy veneer plywood/MDF/Block boards,fancy veneerParticle boards,wood equipment and etc.We have four large workshops with 1000 skilled workers, more than 50 experienced managing staff members. Advanced equipment, good raw materials, strict quality control system in each step of production ensure constant high quality of our products. Our annually production capacity is up to 70,000 cubic meters. Our products are well sold to clients in more than 100 countries and regions, such as North America, Singapore, Europe,and the Middle East. With flexible and customized products, competitive price and excellent credit, we are your reliable business partner. Welcome customers to visit our factory. 0086-516-86213886http://www.plywoodcn.com