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          Welcome to Formaus Building Material Co.,Ltd
          發布時間:2019-02-25   瀏覽次數:115213

          Formaus company manufactures and markets a full range of engineered wood based building materials which can help you increase productivity, lower costs and worksafer.

          We supply wood based building products such as LVL scaffolding planks (for use as scaffold platforms or decks), LVL formwork beams (for use as supporting beams,formwork bearers & joists soldiers & walers),formwork plywood-F14/F17/F22 formply(for use as forming of concrete walls, floors, roofs, frames and civil engineering structures),3 ply formwork panel(for application in reticular formwork, flat beams, vertical formwork, foundations, civil works, safety elements, structural containment, etc)for commercial construction,residential construction and industrial construction.Formaus company also provides full range of commercial plywood,veneered plywood and film faced plywood for more choice.Formaus company leads the market in LVL products ,Formwork plywood,3 ply formwork panel in China since 05.

          Our passion is for providing our customers with the Best Products, the Best Service and the Best Experience.

          Add:No.1608,Xinsu Business Centre,Pizhou City,Jiangsu,China


          Ph: 0086 0516 66680019

          Fax:0086 0516 66680029


          Web: www.formauswood.com